FX Solutions Online Individual Account Application
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FLEXI Contract and Leverage 活动合约
Select Your FLEXI Contract and Leverage Size. These can be changed after your account has been opened.
Select Unit Size 活动合约 1K Units 1,000个单位 (1 lot equals 1,000) (1个合约等于1,000个单位)
5K Units 5,000个单位 (1 lot equals 5,000) (1个合约等于5,000个单位)
10K Units 10,000个单位 (1 lot equals 10,000) (1个合约等于10,000个单位) "Mini Account" 迷你帐户
50K Units 50,000个单位 (1 lot equals 50,000) (1个合约等于50,000个单位)
100K Units 100,000个单位 (1 lot equals 100,000) (1个合约等于100,000个单位) "Standard Account" 标准帐户
*10,000 is the default unit size, unless otherwise selected.
* 如果您没有选择合约尺寸的话, 那么您的合约尺寸将自动选择为每合约10,000个单位。
Select Leverage Size 50:1   100:1   200:1   250:1   300:1   400:1
  *100:1 is the default leverage, unless otherwise selected.
* 如果您没有选择扛杆比例,将自动选择为“100:1”。
Personal Information
Please enter your personal information below.
  First Name 名: Last Name 姓:
  Date of Birth 生日:       Gender 性别:
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  Telephone number 电话: Fax Number 传真:
  SSN or Passport Number 身份证或护照号:
  Citizenship: U.S. Citizen? 是美国公民吗? If No, what country? 是哪国公民?:
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Your email will be your main contact with FX Solutions
Employment Information 就业信息
如果没有工作, 请填写"currently unemployed"或"student" 注: currently unemployed为暂时没有工作; student为学生
Business Name 公司名称: Business Type 业务类型:
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Confidential Information 保密的财务信息
The following confidential financial information is needed to open your account. Every question has to be answered.
以下这些保密的财务信息是您开设账户所必需加以提供的. 每一个问题必须回答的!
1. Annual Income (US Dollars)? 年度收入 (美元)? 
2. Net Worth (excluding equity in home) (U.S. Dollars)?
    净资产价值(不包括房屋类资产) (美元)?
3. Liquid Net Worth (U.S. Dollars)? 流动净资产价值 (美元)?
4. Do you understand: 您是否理解以下内容:
    a) Foreign Currency Trading 外汇交易
    b) Risk of Loss 损失风险
    c) The Possibility of Incurring Deficit Balance 产生收支赤字的可能
    d) FX Solutions' Margin Policy 对外汇保证金的政策
  5. Have you ever been party to an investigation complaint, or settlement with the NFA, CFTC, SEC or other?
  6. What is the highest level of education you completed?
  7. Investment Experience? 投资经验?
      a) Stocks / Bonds 股票/债券 Yes/No 是/否 Years 年份
      b) Foreign Currency 外汇交易 Yes/No 是/否 Years 年份
      c) Funds 基金 Yes/No 是/否 Years 年份
      d) Options 期权 Yes/No 是/否 Years 年份
      e) Mutual Funds 互惠基金 Yes/No 是/否 Years 年份
Comments or Questions 附言
Please enter any comments or questions you may have.
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